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Community Outreach

Throughout the years, BCMA has tried to be a good neighbor and a contributor to the advancement of model aviation.  In the past few years, we have connected with several organizations.


In the fall of 2023, we were awarded a $1000 TAG (Take off and Grow) grant to partner with a local middle school STEM program by the AMA!!!






So, buckle up, Woodland Middle School students!

A brand-new learning opportunity is about to take off…literally!

    It’s a unique offering made possible by 8th grade WMS Social Studies Teacher Michael Adcock and Bartow County Model Aviation! Last school year, Mr. Adcock knew his students had a real passion for the engineering component of Aeronautics. So, he sent a few emails, and BCMA jumped at the chance to help with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and enrichment activities!

    Fast forward to today, BCMA President Jeff Holland, Vice President Richard LeClaire, Treasurer Keith Schevling, Safety Officer Paul Napier, and member Greg Roper presented WMS with a $1,000 Academy of Aviation Take-Off and Grow grant. That will be used to purchase drones, but that’s not all. BCMA members are also donating their personal time, resources, skills, and knowledge this academic year. They will facilitate hands-on construction and flying of radio-controlled aircrafts and teach the mechanics, design, history, and career pathways related to aeronautics and aviation.

 Thank you, AMA and BCMA! Your impact is immeasurable!

  • In 2020 BCMA will be hosting a group of youth from Trinity at the Well Church. 

  • Advocates for Children-- August Consumable Product Drive & Christmas gifts

  • Shop with a Hero with the City of Emerson at Christmas

  • Tellus Science Museum - featured exhibitor for their April Spring Break Discovery week bringing flight simulators, static models and flying demonstrations.​

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