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APPLY for Membership

Membership Information

BCMA is "Currently Open" for memberships to any current AMA member, pilot, “soon to be pilot” or Novice, who is interested in flying Remote Controlled Aircraft. Our members love this hobby, are friendly and want to have "Fun". We do have introductory pilots, and instructors to help you to fly and enjoy the hobby to its fullest.

Membership Renewal
Annual Dues are $265.00 with a "Club Volunteer Commitment"

 $315.00 without  "Committing to Volunteer

New Members
Dues are $265.00 with a "Club Volunteer Commitment" + $50.00 Capitalization fee
without  "Committing to Volunteer" + $50.00 Capitalization fee

New Membership Dues are prorated to 50% of the annual dues amount when the application is summitted after July 1st of each year plus $50.00 Capitalization fee

Youth Membership is at no charge to the youth (under age 18) when sponsored
by an adult member.

Membership shall be determined by the BCMA Officers and approved by subsequent vote of the current club membership.

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