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Membership Application

If you are NOT an AMA member please visit the AMA web site for more information and to enroll.

Please fill out the online Application Form


Bartow County Model Aviation Club Application
Are you an Experienced Pilot?

Membership Agreement

I affirm that I have applied for, or I am a member of the AMA, and will continue to hold an AMA membership for the duration of my membership in the Bartow County Model Aviation R/C Club in order to retain my flying privileges. I have read and understand BCMA's Field and Safety Rules and will abide by all these rules as written. I will abide by all FAA rules to included labeling my FAA Registration Number on the outside of my aircraft(s). I understand BCMA, its club members, or property owner(s) are not responsible for injuries to me or any member of my party while at the club flying field.


By checking the "terms and conditions" box below, I agree to abide by all club rules, by-laws, FAA and the AMA safety rules.

Thanks for applying! You should receive an email, and we'll get back to you soon.

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New 2022 Field and Safety Rules

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